Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes

Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes

A Gastronomic Adventure: Must-Try Thai Street Food Dishes

“Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes”. Welcome to a tantalizing journey into the heart of Thai street food culture, where you delve into the tastes and traditions cherished by local residents, not just tourists.

Let’s uncover the culinary treasures that have won the hearts of Thai locals for generations. From bustling street corners to hidden alleys, these authentic Thai street food delights stand as a testament to the genuine flavours that resonate within the communities.

The Essence of Thai Street Food

Thai street food is much more than just food, it’s a big part of local life. It’s not just for tourists; it’s loved by locals. The food reflects the real flavours of Thailand and the diverse regions where people live.

Street food vendors are like hidden heroes, keeping old flavours alive for new generations. They make dishes that are connected to their hometowns and remind people of good times.

“Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes”. These vendors help preserve Thailand’s food traditions. So, when you enjoy Thai street food, you’re also tasting a piece of history and a sense of belonging that brings communities together.

Imagine exploring Thailand’s streets and stumbling upon “roaming eateries,” where the roadside transforms into a feast for the senses. Thai street food isn’t just about eating , it’s an adventure in itself. From sizzling grills to steaming pots, the aroma of street food is in the air, inviting you to discover its vibrant flavours.

Thai cuisine is like a symphony of tastes – sweet, sour, spicy, and salty – all dancing together in perfect harmony.

It’s this balance that gives each dish its unique and unforgettable character. So, prepare to embark on a culinary journey that’s not just about food, but about embracing the spirit of exploration and indulging in the tastes that have captured the hearts of locals for ages.

1. Khai Krata, Fried Eggs On A Pan (Breakfast)


“Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes”. Khai Krata or fried eggs on a pan is a popular breakfast among the locals in Thailand. The fried eggs often come in hot pans, and they are often sprinkled with sizzling fried eggs with minced pork, cha lua ,the Vietnamese Pork Sausages, the Chinese Sausage, fried garlic, and vegetables.

You can often find Khai Krata sold as early as 5 AM in morning markets around Thailand. It is a traditional breakfast that originated from Vietnam and China, and it is quite popular among older generations.

Khai Krata is often served with Thai-style iced coffee and Vietnamese buns with Chinese sausages. It is cheap, delicious, and surprisingly filling, making it a great breakfast to have when you are out and about exploring the morning markets in Thailand.

2.Patonggo, Thai-Style Chinese Doughnut (Breakfast)


Another popular Thai street food breakfast is Patonggo, a Thai-style Chinese fried dough that is often made and sold right from the street in and around the morning markets in Thailand.

Patonggo comes in different shapes and sizes, but the most delicious ones are the smaller ones, which taste better and are way crispier than the bigger ones.

Thai people often eat Patonggo for breakfast, with condensed milk or coconut jams as dips, together with Thai traditional coffee. Sometimes, they also eat Patonggo with congee, which makes for one hell of a perfect breakfast combination.

You can often find Patonggo sold in the morning markets all over Thailand . Since they are deep-fried, it is probably not healthy in the long run. But hey, you aren’t in Thailand that often, so why not try it out and see for yourself, right?

3. Kanom Krok, Coconut-Rice Pancakes (Breakfast/Dessert)


“Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes”. Kanom Krok , is a dessert dish consisting of several delicious grilled coconut-rice pancakes that come in 2 halves all stuck together to create this Thai traditional dessert that is to die for.

They are made out of coconut milk, flour, and rice all mixed up to form a half-circular dough where corns, shredded coconut, or cilantro are sprinkled over it while it is being grilled in a hot indented frying pan.

They are often sold in the early morning at food markets all over the country, and it is a popular breakfast among the locals. When you are in Thailand, be sure to try these delicious coconut pancakes.

4.Khao Mun Ghai, Thai Chicken Rice (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)


Khao Mun Ghai, or Thai Chicken Rice, is a popular Thai dish sold in almost every food market you can find in Thailand. Thai people often eat Khao Mun Ghai for breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner.

It is a staple food for the Thais and one that is affordable and almost always guarantees great taste no matter where you buy it from. The Thai Chicken Rice is basically a Thai variation of the widely popular Hainanese chicken rice, where the rice is cooked in chicken broth and oil before being served with either boiled or fried pieces of chicken, or both.

Khao Mun Ghai is comfort food for Thais. They are cheap, delicious, and have well-balanced flavors without being as strong-tasting as other dishes, making it a great Thai food to try if you are new to Thai street food.

5.Khao Kha Moo, Braised Pork Leg On Rice (Lunch/Dinner)


“Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes”. Khao Kha Moo is a Chinese influenced Thai dish that is also popular among Thais, almost as popular as Thai Chicken Rice.

Khao Kha Moo is a dish that is served with thinly-sliced stewed pig’s trotter on top of steamed rice, half-cut boiled eggs, and several small pieces of lettuce. The most delicious part of Khao Kha Moo is the clear broth soup that you can pour over the dish.

They are delicious, quite filling, and very affordable. You can find them all across the country, from a food court in an upscale shopping mall in Bangkok to the small street stall at a food market in the countryside.

6. Guay Taew, All Variation Of Thai Noodle Dishes (Lunch/Dinner)


Guay Taew is a Thai word ,probably originated from China or Malaysia for noodles. A ton of that here in Thailand being sold in restaurants, as well as in markets and street food carts all over the country.

Things you should know before ordering Thai noodle dishes are what they are made up of and how you can order them. First, you have to tell the cook which type of noodles you want. There are Ba Mee (Egg noodles), Sen Lek (small rice noodles), Sen Yai (wide rice noodles), Sen Mee (vermicelli rice noodles), and Woon Sen (glass noodle).

Secondly, you will have to choose which type of noodle dishes you want. There are Tom Yum (spicy type), Yentafo (pink noodle soup, often with seafood), Moo Toon (steamed pork noodle), Nam Tok (boat noodle soup), and several other variations based on the region.

Lastly, you will have to indicate to the cook whether you want it stir-fried (dry) or in a soup. If you want it dry, you can say “Haeng,” or if you want it in a soup, you can say “Nam.”

To order a noodle in Thailand, you will have to combine these 3 words of ingredients together, and then you can tell the cook what you want.

For example, if you want stir-fried spicy egg noodles, then you can say “Ba Mee Tom Yum Haeng.” Or, if you want pink noodles with wide rice noodles, you can say “Sen Yai Yentafo.” That is it.

7.Suki Haeng, Stir-Fried Sukiyaki (Lunch/Dinner)


“Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes”. Many of the street foods in Thailand do not have a whole lot of vegetables, and you might be wondering how the Thais are getting their nutrients from. Well, there are dishes like Suki Haeng that will serve you a huge amount of vegetables, all cooked with chicken, seafood, or pork, and stir-fried with healthy glass noodles and suki sauce.

Suki Haeng is extremely nutritious, very delicious, and one of the most filling street food dishes you can eat in Thailand. You can often find them by looking at all the smoke and fire created from cooking with a wok that is often fuming around a certain area in the market.

If you are done with all the greasy and deep-fried street food in Thailand, the Suki Haeng is the way out of that cycle and a good chance for you to try some Thai street foods that are both tasty and nutritious.

8.Luke Chin Moo, Pork Balls On Sticks (Appertiser)


Luke Chin Moo is basically pork balls on sticks that are often sold on street food carts in almost every night market you can find in Thailand. You can also find them along the streets in big cities, especially in front of nightclubs and pubs.

Luke Chin Moo is more of an appetizer than a proper dish, and you can eat them while you wait for the main course or if you want to nibble on something as you walk around and explore the night markets. They are the perfect street food to eat and walk at the same time.

Luke Chin Moo is often extremely cheap. There are many variations of these balls on sticks, such as fish balls, sausages, etc. Be sure to try them out when you are in Thailand.

9. Beef/Chicken Khao Soi (Lunch/Dinner)


“Must Try Thai Street Food Dishes”. Khao Soi, a traditional Thai dish specific to the northern region of Thailand.Khao Soi is a soup-like dish made with a mix of boiled egg noodles and sprinkled deep fried crispy egg noodles, pickled mustard greens, shallots, lime, and either beef or chicken cooked in a spicy coconut curry like sauce.

The tasty yellow curry that resembles Indian curries, but spicier and thinner, is what makes Khao Soi one of the most delicious dishes you can try in Thailand. They originated in Northern Thailand and were likely influenced by Burmese cuisine with a similar name.

The best place to try Khao Soi is in the city of Chiang Mai, one of the most popular cities to visit in Northern Thailand, where they take pride in their Khao Soi dishes and you will find countless restaurants to choose from.

10. Pad Thai (Lunch/Dinner)


Pad Thai was designated as the Thai national dish in the 1930s. It has become a dish that all travelers must try first and foremost when they arrive in Thailand.

This dish “Pad Thai” is basically a stir-fried rice noodle that is often cooked with eggs, chopped tofu, tamarind, and fish sauces. It is sprinkled with dried shrimp, garlic, red chili pepper, palm sugar, and chopped roasted peanuts.

With such a variety of ingredients, you can expect the taste to be a mixture of sweet, spicy. And sour all at the same time. Pad Thai is a great example of how multiple tastes can exist in one dish. Which is what makes Thai food so delicious.

You can often find Pad Thai sold in Thai restaurants. As well as street food carts at night markets and walking streets. It is a great dish for those of you who are new to Thai street foods. And are looking for accessible, non spicy Thai food to try.

11. Som Tum: The Refreshing Papaya Delight


Som Tum, a culinary gem, is a feast of vibrant flavours that embodies the spirit of Thai street food.

Crafted from green papaya, tomatoes, peanuts, and chilies, this zesty salad is a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and spicy.

The art of making Som Tum lies in the delicate balance of pounding and mixing. Creating a symphony of textures that dance on the palate. The spiciness is a canvas that you can customize, ranging from mild to fiery, catering to every taste preference.

As the sun beats down, Som Tum stands as a refreshing oasis. Reinvigorating you with its tangy charm and crisp crunch. It’s a culinary antidote to the heat, delivering a burst of energy. And a refreshing escape that captures the very essence of Thai street food

12. Gai Yang: Flavorful Grilled Chicken



Gai Yang, the enchanting grilled chicken, is a Thai street food favourite. Marinated in a blend of aromatic spices, lemongrass, garlic, and fish sauce, the chicken is then expertly grilled. This process creates tender, succulent meat with an alluring aroma and a delightful smoky flavour.

Loved not just for its taste but also for its role in Thai BBQ culture. Gai Yang holds a special spot in gatherings and street food scenes, captivating taste buds with its undeniable charm.

13.Sai Krok Isan: Savoring the Tang of Northeastern Thai Sausages



Dive into the flavors of Northeastern Thailand with Sai Krok Isan. A unique sausage that stands out for its distinctively tangy taste. Crafted from fermented pork, fragrant garlic, and sticky rice, these sausages offer a delightful twist on the traditional. The fermentation process imparts a subtle sourness.


14.Kai Jeow Moo Sab: Flavorsome Thai Omelette with Minced Pork



Savor the simplicity and satisfaction of Kai Jeow Moo Sab, a Thai omelette enriched with savory minced pork. This quick and delectable dish captures the essence of comfort food. Often accompanied by a bed of rice and a generous drizzle of Sriracha sauce or chili sauce.


15.Moo Kra Ta: Thai BBQ Delights on the Sizzle



A sensational Thai BBQ experience that brings sizzle to your table. This communal delight involves grilling an array of meats, vegetables, and seafood on a hotplate. Creating a symphony of flavors right before your eyes.

16. Pad Gaprao: Thailand’s Beloved National Dish


Dive into the heart of Thai culinary culture with Pad Gaprao, a true Thai national treasure that transcends boundaries.

While Pad Thai often takes the spotlight, it’s Pad Gaprao that claims the hearts of locals, bridging gaps of income and background.

A favorite among every stratum of society. Pad Gaprao is a fixture in Thai meals, gracing tables as both lunch and dinner.

This iconic dish brings minced pork, chicken, or beef to life as it sizzles in a wok with Thai holy basil and a fiery kick of chilies. Served generously over rice and crowned with a perfectly fried egg, Pad Gaprao embodies the essence of Thai street food. Where humble ingredients transform into a culinary masterpiece that’s both comforting and irresistible.

With every mouthful, you’re tasting the shared love that unites a nation. A symphony of flavors that defines the heart and soul of Thai cuisine.

The dish is often served with a fried egg, and that may sound weird to foreigners since you often associate fried eggs with breakfast. However, there is a purpose for it when they put fried eggs together with Thai food.

You see, Thai food can get quite spicy even for Thais. And in order to balance the spice out, fried eggs offer great spice relief, allowing you to continue to enjoy and finish the dish.

The same goes for the Pad Gaprao and Khai Dao dish. It can be quite spicy, and the fried egg is a great taste balance for the dish.

17. Goong Ob Woonsen, Ginger Shrimp And Glass Noodles (Lunch/Dinner)



You cannot visit Thailand without eating a bit of seafood. One of the best seafood dishes that can often be found in most food markets in Thailand is Goong Ob Woonsen. A Thai dish served with glass noodles and shrimps or prawns cooked with strips of ginger. And bacon in a spice paste, and decorated with Chinese celery.

It takes a while to cook, but you can often find street food carts with three clay pots continuously preparing Goong Ob Woonsen for customers in most night markets.

18. Hoi Tod, Thai-Style Fried Mussels (Lunch/Dinner)



Thai-style fried mussels, is a must try street food dish when you are in Thailand. Often cooked on a flat frying pan. The Hoi Tod dish is a mixture of mussels, omelet, and bean sprouts, with a dash of cilantro and pepper, all fried together, and then served to customers, sometimes on a sizzling hot plate.

With the sizzling Hoi Tod dish, pour the spicy-sweet sauce (Sauce Prik) all over it. You have one hell of a delicious Thai street food dish that will have you drooling for more. You can find Hoi Tod served in almost any night market in Thailand.

19. Mango And Sticky Rice (Dessert)


Mango and Sticky Rice is probably one of the most popular Thai desserts out there. Even if you have never been to Thailand, you have probably heard just how delicious Mango and Sticky Rice is. You might even have tried it in a Thai restaurant abroad. It is the type of dessert that people think of the most when they think of street food in Thailand.

The mangos are often served when they are ripe, bringing out the sweetness of these wonderful tropical fruits. With sweet sticky rice all drizzled in smooth and tasty coconut milk and sesame seeds to give it texture. You have a Thai dessert that has won the hearts of travelers all over the world for decades.

20. Coconut Ice Cream (Dessert)


Due to the tropical climate in Thailand and the abundance of coconuts. They are one of the major ingredients put in food and desserts. One of the most delicious coconut desserts, very fitting for the hot and humid climate here in Thailand. Is the coconut ice cream that is often being sold by a small ice cream trolley roaming the streets or at a night market all over the country.

The ice cream is made out of coconut and milk and is often served in cups, 2 pieces of bread, or a cone. You can choose to add toppings like sticky rice, peanuts, and more to add texture to your coconut ice cream.

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