How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?

How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?

How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?

Whether you’ve just moved or it’s time to refresh the home , Decorating the walls is a big opportunity to add style and personality. The key to decorating a rental property is to keep your style elements semi-permanent so you can take them with you when you leave. “How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?”. Rentals are ideal for framed art, textural fabrics and interesting objects, but save the Wainscot paneling and built-ins for a place of your own.

Sometimes a blank wall can add visual balance to a busy room and on other hand ,sometimes a blank wall is a décor missed opportunity. A bare wall can serve as a the perfect canvas for telling your life stories, revealing something about who you are.

So its up to you , how do you get started filling that canvas? Even with the best neutral or white paint colours, a blank wall can be intimidating. Remember, while posters, pictures, and artwork are great options, wall décor can go far beyond your basic gallery wall.

You don’t have to limit yourself to store bought pieces.Unlimited options are there. You can utilize textured fabric wall hangings or even paint on your own accent wall mural and skip hanging things altogether. The following ideas will help you take your boring, bare walls and turn them into charming galleries, pretty collections, and statement-making accents in your living room, above your bed and more.

1. Add Sparkle With Light

Whether or not you opt to include art of any kind on your walls, you can always level up the sparkle with a few strands of string lights that can add life in your living space.

2. Less Is More

Sometimes,one art piece can create a big impact, one oversized piece of art that pops against a black or dark colour background.

3. Show Off Your Favourite Sporting Equipment

While putting your favourite sporting equipment to your wall, it manages to look both funky and upscale at the same time.

4. Use Room Specific Art

You have to choose art that speaks to the particular room it’s hung in is always a fun option for wall decor. like “Kitchen are for messes and memories”

5. Hang A Rug

Yes, rugs can go on walls too. The rug takes up almost a whole blank wall when hung like a tapestry. Problem solved.

6. Up-cycle and Recycle

“How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?”. Cover a piece of foam or canvas with old t-shirts that might have slogan or quotes and hang them on your walls for instant, portable art. You get to keep the design you love that may not work anymore, and the foam or canvas provides a contemporary, 3D look that can change with your travels or wardrobe.

7. Create A Gallery

Place your largest piece of art first. Typically, you’ll want to place these anchor pieces off-center instead of directly in the middle. Then you can begin to fill in around the large pieces with the smaller art and photos you have.

These unique frames and décor elements cover an entire living room wall for a space that looks fully finished.

8. Keep It Personal

“How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?”. A gallery wall of family photos adds a personal touch to your living room.This memory wall is affordable to recreate and allows you to showcase all of your loved ones. Just print your photos and hang them in a tidy rectangle using thumbtacks.

9. Install All The Shelving

The hexagonal shaves add a unique touch while the open shelving offers a home for even more décor.

10. Contrasting Gallery Wall

For walls that already have some personality and colour, choose items and frames that will pop against that backdrop. Black paint is the perfect background for incorporating things like neon colours and white frames.

11. Embrace Macramé.

Macramé is back, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. This artsy craft form infuses plenty of texture and handmade charm into a space, whether you choose to incorporate a plant hanger or a wall hanging.

12. Try Temporary Wallpaper.

There’s no better way to spice up a room in less than a few hours than temporary wallpaper. A mix of patterns and colours against neutral wallpaper can instantly make a room pop.

13. Fabric Statement

“How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?”. If you love the look of rich fabrics in your room, this trick is for you! Make a one time investment of an inexpensive frame as large as you can find, Cover it with your favourite fabric and mount it as an accent grouped with some of your favourite furniture to add depth, texture and colour. When you want, switch out the fabric to create a whole new look.

14. Hang Your Favourite Things

The best way to incorporate your personal taste into your wall décor is by displaying your prized possessions or beloved items for everyone to see. For instance, if you love playing the guitar and have a huge collection, you can hang these instruments on the wall of your living room.

Similarly, if you have a large collection of hats, vintage clocks, baskets, postcards, album covers, movie posters or scarves among other things, you can even display those on your wall. just make sure it doesn’t look too overwhelming

15 . Set Up A Vertical Garden

“How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?”. If you want to add colour and brightness to your room while simultaneously improving your environment, starting a vertical garden might be your best bet.

Since not all houses have gardens or lawns and apartments have enough room in their balconies for any big pots, you can instead hang potted plants on a blank wall to upgrade your entire home décor.

There are several ways to start your own vertical garden, though you first need to make sure the wall you have chosen receives sufficient sunlight required for the type of plants you want to grow.

For those who aren’t big fans of gardening, you can hang a few artificial plants on the wall to add some colour to your room.

16. Create A Bookshelf

Nothing can go wrong with you showing off your favourite books on your living room wall. If you love to read and have acquired a large number of books over the years, create a DIY bookshelf by adding shelves to an empty wall and filling them up with books.

This will not only help make your home look luxurious but will also serve as a storage space for miscellaneous items.

Don’t fill up all the shelves with bulky books. Leave some empty space for decorative pieces, photo frames and small potted plants to brighten up the room.

17. Map It Out

“How To Spice Up A Boring Wall ?”. For those who love travelling, this is perhaps the best way to fill up a blank wall without breaking the bank. All you need is a big map of the world that would cover up most of the empty space and a box of colourful adhesive pins or decorative thumbtacks.

If you have a long travel history, you can use thumbtacks to mark the countries and cities you have already visited. You can also use pins to mark the locations you plan to visit in the future or places that are on your bucket list. It is better to use different coloured pins to symbolise the places you’ve been to and the places you want to go to.

Of course, there are several ways to upgrade your walls without going over budget. The trick is to utilize the space well without going overboard with the decorations.

18. Hang Mirrors

Minimalists and those occupying smaller spaces will appreciate how much a mirror can add to a bare wall. Mirrors really open up a room by creating the illusion of extra space and add a nice shape to your walls.

19. Go For Faux Brick

If you love the look of exposed brick but stuck working with dry wall than Brick inspired wallpaper is all over the web and looks just as good as the real deal.

20. Pick A Cool Pair

A pair of colourful large scale photographs with a breezy subject, like summer or spring themed photos, create visual interest without comprising the room’s chill vibes.

21. Make An Entrance

When paired with an interesting light fixture, a flashy work of art turns a standard entry wall into a bright and stylish foyer in seconds.

22. Black And White Always Classic

Fashion a floor to ceiling gallery wall with nothing. But black and white images for a clean lined display that feels classic but contemporary.

23. Go Beyond A Headboard

Panels of luxe fabric line the wall in bedroom. This is a unique way to add an unexpected dose of texture. Something that wallpaper or paint might not be able to achieve.

Make a statement ceiling.

While this is a post about wall decor,but you not to forget your ceiling. And consider it an additional surface you can decorate. Often overlooked but still oozing with design potential, statement ceilings are a stylish way to turn a ceiling into a room’s centerpiece. Fashion your own with paint or wallpaper and make a big interior statement with your ceiling.

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