How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?

How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?

A Weight Machine :

Weighing machines play a very important role in our lives be it from buying groceries from general stores, vegetables from vendors, ornaments from jewellery shops.”How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?”. Weighing scales have not only made their way into our kitchens but also into our hearts.

In a traditional sense, weighing scales were used to measure body weight or were typically used in labs to make certain chemicals. Of late, most people have enjoyed the company of small weighing scales that are used to measure food in their kitchens. These are used to measure the exact quantity of food so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Different Kinds Of Weight Machines Available In The Market

Weight Machine For Shop:

In any shop, a weight-machine is considered as one of the most required equipment as it is the backbone of the shop. A proper weight-machine will ensure your business runs smoothly whereas an improper weight-machine may get your business into heavy losses.

Apart from commercial shops, these weight machines are also used as vegetable weight machines in wholesale vegetable shops for weighing the vegetables. “How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?”. A weight machine for shops is designed to give readings with least error and are built for heavy duty purposes.

Kitchen Weighing Scale:

Kitchen weighing scale is not just like any other appliance in the kitchen. It is an essential tool and a must-have appliance in every household. Kitchen weight machines mainly help you in tracking the quantity of food that you are eating on a daily basis which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from this, the food weighing scale also helps you in measuring the quantity of ingredients much more accurately than the traditional methods of using cups and spoons. For fitness lovers, a kitchen weighing scale is a must have weapon as it helps daily to have the right quantity of food for maintaining a healthy and attractive body.

Body Weight Machine:

Body weight machines aid us in keeping a record of our body weight by which we can maintain a healthy body weight for staying fit.”How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?”. Human weight machines act as your personal guides when you start to make any healthy initiatives like losing or gaining weight.

These health Sense weighing machines come in different shapes and sizes, displays (analog and digital) and material used in making them (plastic, toughened glass, etc).

Gold Weight Machine:

Checking the weight of a body or a luggage is very common and a small difference is always acceptable. But the same is not at all acceptable when it comes to checking the weights of ornaments made of silver, gold, platinum, etc. Even a slight difference can get your business into a heavy loss. This is the main reason why the jewellers shop needs a Gold weight machine.

Gold weight machines are completely different from the regular weight checking machines which are available in the market. Gold weight machines are designed differently from the regular weight machines. They are more precise, compact size, come with an excellent display and are very easy to handle.

Baby weight machine:

As the name suggests, Baby weight machines are used for checking the weight of babies.”How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?”. Baby weight machine is important for parents as it helps them to know the weight of their children, ensuring their newborn is fit and healthy. With the help of a baby weight machine, parents can keep the track record of their baby’s weight and ensure it’s healthy and not malnourished. Hence, a baby weight machine is one of the most important tools that you must have in your home to monitor the progress of your newborn.

Baby weight machines are much more precise and accurate than the regular weight machines.

Pet weighing machines:

These types of weighing balances are used to measure the weight of the pets. Designed specifically for animals, it allows you to comfortably measure the weight of your four-legged animal friends such as cats, dogs etc. and is used for the above intended purposes only.

Types of Weight machines :

Analog weighing machine:

The first type of weighing scale that comes to our mind when we think about types of weighing scales is the analog weighing machine. In today’s time, these are less popular as compared to digital weighing machines, however, analog weighing machines are more accurate and used widely in industrial applications.

Digital weighing machine:

This is the most common type of balance scale available in the industry.”How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?”. When an item is placed on the machine it displays the weight on the digital screen available on the weighing machine. Generally this digital weighing machine is accurate and can be used for measuring body weight or for meal prep and such items.

Electronic weighing machine:

These are similar to digital weighing machines, however, they use sensors to predict the weight of an object. They are slightly more difficult to use than digital weighing machines but generate accurate results.

Smart weighing machines:

These are new and quick ways to measure weight. They are a combination of digital and analog weighing machines. Additionally, they can be connected to a smartphone and help us generate health results that can further be used for tracking and health assessments.

Analog Vs Digital Weighing Machines :

Analog Weighing Machine :

The Analog weighing machines work using a power source.”How Do I Choose A Weight Machine?”. The majority of weighing machines that are found in a grocery store are mechanical ones. This kind of machine mainly consists of a platform and a reading display to showcase the weight.

Analog weighing machines use hanging or a spring scale to operate. The stretch of the spring helps in measuring the weight. This kind of machine can handle a weight of up to around 120 kg.

Where Can You Use A Analog Weighing Machine?

An Analog weighing machine can be used anywhere. For example, they can be used in gyms, stores, homes, etc. All you need to do is just place the machine where you want, and then you can directly take your reading through the display.

Analog weighing machines are quick in delivering results, and they are also user friendly. The display readings of the mechanical weighing machine are analog, due to which mechanical weighing machine is also referred to as an analog machine.

Therefore, the reading requires the same measurement units and standards, so you only need to use the device once to understand how it works, and you will know the complete set as the process is easy.

Spring Scale Weighing Machine

A spring scale is a mechanical weighing machine that measures the force or weight by hanging those objects from this spring scale hook.

This scale contains a spring that helps in determining the weight of the material when connected with the hook of the machine. In case of measuring loose material, you can pour the material into the bag and then use the hook of the spring scale to determine the weight.

These spring scale weighing machine is highly used by industrial people to measure the weights of their material and objects. Some grocery store people also use these spring machines in their shops.

These types of weighing machines are travel-friendly as they are small in size and lightweight.

Hanging Weighing Machine

Hanging machines are another weighing machine that can be used for measuring the weight of heavy objects.

These machines are small in size but can easily calculate heavy things’ weight, like trucks, cars, bikes, and more.

Unlike other weighing machines, these types of machines don’t make the product or object stand on the platform but directly hang over the object to determine the weight.

Advantages Of Analog/Mechanical Weighing Machine

One of the major advantages of mechanical weighing machines is that it doesn’t require a battery in order to check weight. So all you need to do is go towards the weighing machine and stand on it, and instantly, you will know your weight.

Another benefit of mechanical weighing machines is that functions are extremely simple for everyone to understand. It doesn’t require significant modification, change in settings, and change in switches to let you check your weight. So anyone can easily operate it without any trouble and complications.

Digital Weighing Machine

A digital weighing machine requires a power source in order to function. The digital machine can measure weight to 150 kg, around 30 kg more than mechanical weighing machines.

There are two kinds of digital machines available. One that requires a battery while others need to be plugged into an outlet or a power strip to function.

The Digital weighing machines are the best and pretty advanced. And they involve a high range of software programs used for different functions measure mass, fat, ratio, and more. It is also considered as a new age weighing machine in the market.

Digital weighing machines are used in various places like groceries, bakeries, meat departments, and more.

Advantages Of Digital Weighing Machine

These machines are small and extremely lightweight, due to which you can easily move them from one place to another. You can store them at the home, office, or anywhere else as they don’t really take much space and contain various designs.

One of the biggest advantages of a digital weighing machine is that it doesn’t provide you with incorrect reading. It is completely accurate, reliable, and trusted as it calibrates itself whenever it is used.

The functions of these types of weighing machines are easy and can be operated effortlessly. Also, the turn on and turn off options are automatic, making the process of measuring weight easy.

The digital weighing machine also provides great durability and high accuracy with a complete warranty. So in case your machine gets damaged or broken with a warranty you can resolve that issue easily. Due to which this machine is trusted majorly.

Digital Bathroom Scale Machine

A digital bathroom machine is placed on the floor to directly stand on it and check its weight. The weight is presented in this machine using an LCD display.

Since it is a digital weighing machine, some might do way more than just let you know your weight. Some of the other features of this digital machine are measuring muscle mass, fat of the body, water ratio, lean mass, and more.

So for the fitness enthusiast or people who are on a diet and want to maintain their weight. This machine can be extremely beneficial. Some of the digital bathroom machines are advanced and don’t require a wire in order to be connected.

They consist of functions like fitness tracking, phone integration, and more. These kinds of machines are controlled using a button cell or AAA-size battery. This is a very reliable and easy to use machine for people to self check their weight.

This kind of machine is also referred to as a personal machine as they are utilized for personal use.

What Things Should You Consider While Buying A Weighing Scale?

Features and specifications that one must consider for choosing a weighing scale.

  • Accuracy of Weighing Machine.
  • Analog or Digital.
  • Display Of Weighing Scale.
  • Weight Capacity.
  • Material of Weighing Scale.
  • Operational Environment.
  • Computational feature.
  • Application Areas.

The size of the scale:

The size of the weighing scale depends on your needs.

If your intended use is to weigh your food intake then you need to get one specifically for that. Similarly, if you want to check the weight of a newborn baby. You need to bring home a weighing scale for babies.

The capacity of the scale:

Each scale comes with a maximum capacity, your need to purchase the weighing scale according to your intent. For example, a food weighing scale can weigh up to 5 kg. And a baby weighing scale can take up to 20kg.


There are a variety of weighing machines available in the market. All of them are designed for a different use. When buying a weighing machine it is important to see that it fulfils your needs before going ahead with the purchase.

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